Jump Sturgis


Our Story

The Jump Sturgis staff is the most passionate, professional, experienced skydive instructors on earth, world class, with more than 150,000 military, special ops and recreational jumps between, certified and rated by the United States Parachute Association (USPA).

Our equipment is the most modern and cutting edge in the industry. Every rig incorporates an on board activation computer called an A.A.D that can safely take over chute deployment.

Like bikers, skydivers are fearless thrill seekers, held together by that special bond of defying death in what the uninitiated may refer to as a wreckless, crazy activity.  We live on the edge, push the limits always seeking  the next adrenaline thrill that makes life worth living.  What better place on earth to thrill seek than amongst 450,000 plus bikers.  Put it all together, and we think Jump Sturgis is the perfect setting to introduce like minded enthusiasts to what is sure to be a life changing experience.  

When it come to ticking off your bucket list items, grab’m hard  and hold on for the thrill of a lifetime.  You’re gonna go Fast, free-falling for what seems like an eternity through the blue sky over the pristine Sturgis landscape!  Skydiving is known as the scariest thing you’ll ever experience (besides marriage).  But with our instructors, it will  be the safest thing you do that day….and the most memorable, awe-inspiring kick ass activity you will experience at this year’s rally!!!

Stop by our booth at FTS and check that this one off your bucket list…. Blues Skies.